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Incub is a consulting boutique owned by a young group of people. We are passionate about crafting the future of the mobile & social web and are here to help brands maximize their mobile impact. Our work is at the crosspoint of technology, design, art and culture.

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Whether it's mobile and social strategy, mobile media planning & buying or advertising investment optimization, our consultants will work to find the best solutions for your business to thrive in the mobile and social web.


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We are makers inspired by curiosity and new ideas, eager to scale and contribute to relevant endeavors and businesses. 

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Roaming the globe so we're in the know. We work with leading organizations & individuals across various industries and geographic regions. Our work features bespoke contributions and integrated solutions to problems, projects, organizations, communities and societies in the mobile and social web.

Mobile & Social Strategy

Whether it's mobile and social strategy, mobile media planning & buying or advertising investment optimization, our consultants will work to find the best solutions for your business to thrive in the mobile and social web.

TEDxYouth @ Bucharest


Living Abroad / Dusi de acasa

We’re launching LIVING ABROAD / DUSI DE ACASA series this fall. Travel with us through Africa, Central America, Asia, N&S America, Australia and Europe to experience different lifestyles, cultures, social, financial and political systems.

Meet both Romanians and foreigners who are living in various countries across the globe and find out what it takes to relocate.  Think universal.

TEDx Bucharest

To celebrate innovation and the latest ideas in technology, design, business, arts, science and media we are organizing yearly the local ted-like event called TEDxBucharest.

We love the crowd and we love their ideas. This year TEDxBucharest is scheduled for the 11.11.2011.

For more info please visit

Powering Your Home

Check out the best ideas for alternative energy management at home. From multifunctional solar panels, home wind turbines, to cutting-edge electronics they all help us at powering our home in a cheaper and more effective way.

What is your idea for alternative energy management at home. Join us on the 2nd of March 2012 for a great energetic day.

Bucharest Night Run

Join thousands for the first night run event in Bucharest on the 10th of March 2012. With participating at the BUCHAREST NIGHT RUN you can actively help develop a signature image for the city, create a beautiful nightscape and enliven the visitor’s experience, by illuminating the public buildings of Bucharest.

The signature of a vibrant global city calls for an alluring nightscape that is evocative and leaves a lasting impression.  Let’s stay in touch for more info.



GSCIENCE is a succession of workshops for young girl students and female leading scientists, experts and role models.

This project aims to support and encourage young women to pursue scientific studies by denouncing cultural and sociological barrier, and demonstrating the quality of scientific careers through scientific and engineering studies. Let’s stay in touch for more info.
Take a break and come to check out the latest info about riveting projects,
ideas and works of remarkable people, free to the world.

The Young & Fresh InCUB boutique - Your Mobile Consultants

The past few months have been a little extra-busy in our mobile world eco-system. That's when we decided to gather a handful of builders and thinkers and have ever since been heads-down creating a new wave of products and services for all companies out there interested in making the most out of their brands & products in the mobile world. Starting this week, we're launching our consultancy services which will help companies solve the most important problems the mobile industry comes with. Mobile advertising investment optimization, mobile and social strategy, media planning & buying and campaign management are some of the services we provide. If you’d like to hear about our other products and services, we would be happy to get in touch.

TEDxBucharest is coming back in November 2012

As the world becomes ever more interconnected, the ways we relate, the means by which we learn about one another and develop mutual understanding, and the rules about what we hide and what we share are changing. That's the inspiration for the theme of TEDxBucharest on the 16th of nov. 2012: OPEN WORLD

Join InCub

InCub welcomes entrepreneurial, open-minded experienced and young professionals to become members of our organization. By using this website, members can stay informed and get involved with projects initiated by our organization. They can also attend local meetings and events, as well our conferences. Register here to become a member.
We are never static. We seek relevance, meaning, impact & utility.
We build things that last. We are simple but powerful through our work. We do not have
any political or religious affiliations. We are independent, free and autonomous.
We stay in the know and ahead of the curve.

Through innovation, knowledge, great energy and performance we deliver
integrated solutions for problems, projects, organizations, communities and societies.
We work in interdisciplinary
teams, our expertise covering
the following areas:
+ Mobile Strategy & Brand Consultancy
+ Media Planning & Buying
+ Campaign Management
+ Advertising Investment Management & Optimization
+ Financial Services
+ Consumer & Retail
+ Health
+ Entertainment & Media
+ Science &Technology
+ Travel

Partners & friends

If you want to share with us anything, whether it's an emerging idea, a work inquiry, a brilliant new project
or an exciting new trend, please do so.
Also InCuB can draw on a large active social & mobile network so we'd better stay in touch
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Partnerships & projects

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